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Sheri Pequeen of Brooksville, FL

About Sheri Pequeen (Sheri's biography):

 Sheri Pequeen has not added a description to her public profile or has not yet created one.  If you are Sheri Pequeen of Brooksville Florida, click here to create a MAEGIC member account and claim your profile.  If you know Sheri Pequeen, please let her know how she can help protect her identity and contribute to economic stability by claiming her profile via MAEGIC!

Sheri Pequeen's activity:

Sheri Pequeen has no activity. If you happen to know Sheri, please be sure to let them know about her profile here so she can take control of her identity.

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7/7/2013, Gloria S.'s review of McDonalds in Brooksville (10/10):
"Wow! Best Mac experience I ever had. (I prefer not to come, as a Vegetarian, but sometimes when traveling, I have no choice.) Facility is clean, sleek, love the water fall by the booths. Staff is…"

3/14/2013, Jim O.'s review of Wasabi Japanese Sushi in Brooksville (10/10):
"I had lunch and dinner there yesterday, and going for dinner tonight. The sushi is fresh and rolled to perfection, the miso soup is as food as I have ever had, lots of seaweed. This may not be the…"

11/27/2014, Andrew S.'s review of Country Feed Store Cafe in Brooksville (8/10):
"This place is great. Limited seating and a sketchy exterior and an odd location almost scared us off. Glad we stayed. Mmmmm great breakfast reasonably priced"

5/28/2014, Jeremy K.'s review of Register Chevrolet & RV Center in Brooksville (1/10):
"I have a 2010 Camaro that was purchased at Register Chevrolet . They painted the racing stripes for the RS package , and they're already fading because of improper clear coat. The body shops I've…"